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Algarve, Barbados, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Malta, Antigua, Cyprus and Tuscany are among the other destinations on the index.

According to a new study released on Wednesday by London-based real estate experts Savills, Lisbon is the ideal place to live for a corporate nomad, with Miami coming in second and Dubai coming in third.The Savills Executive Nomad Index assesses 15 places where long-term remote professionals can live.

Digital nomad visa programmes are available in all of them. But if you live in the United States or Europe, you are already a part of an economic bloc that permits individuals to live or work anywhere.They have year-round pleasant temperatures, superior quality of life, and developed premier residential markets.

Top residential rentals, internet speeds, quality of life, temperature, and air connections stand crucial.The head of Savills World Research, Paul Tostevin, states, "The modern executive nomad – a distant cousin of the freelance creative working from a cafe in Bali or Costa Rica – owns a villa in the Algarve or a condo in Miami, attends Zoom calls from an airy home office, and hops on a flight back to London, New York, or Geneva for the quarterly board meeting”.

"When their travel connections are good, and high-speed internet is reliable, individuals and families are motivated to relocate and pay attention to their overall health, wellness and lifestyle,” he added.

For that reason, Lisbon tops the ranking. It has a favourable climate and low pollution levels. Further, Lisbon also benefits from good connectivity, thanks to a well-connected international airport.

Ricardo Garcia, Vice President of Savills Portugal, said that technology executives and entrepreneurs flock to Lisbon due to its growing tech sector.The cost of living is inexpensive, and there is a lot of local talent. Portugal is becoming a popular destination for corporate headquarters. The region is getting increasingly multinational. The pace cannot slow down any time soon.

Second, due to its warm climate and beaches, Miami, a global gateway city, has grown in appeal as a remote working destination in the United States.According to Savills, it has various big-city benefits, such as great air connections, a robust digital infrastructure, and a thriving rental market while preserving a reasonably high quality of life.

Dubai, in the third position, leads the ranking in terms of air connectivity, with flights to over 100 countries and 240 destinations."Remote working enables foreign business owners to make Dubai their primary centre," says Helen Tatham, Savills Dubai’s head of residential community sales and leasing.

"Rents and sales volumes in 2020 will reach levels not seen since 2014, owing to an influx of new residents and existing renters who want to make Dubai their permanent home.""UK citizens have always preferred Dubai for vacation and employment," she continued, "but the market has also benefitted from fresh demand from French, German, Swedish, and Swiss purchasers."

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