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Dubai Studio City

UAE, Dubai

Studio City is an area that specialises in film and entertainment production. The project was conceived in 2005, and it is being implemented by TECOM. The development covers an area of 2,043,867 sq. m (22,000,000 sq. ft) and was declared a free economic zone. Foreign companies are exempt from taxes for 50 years. The neighbourhood features residential properties and commercial entities, including hotels, administrative offices, recording studios, and film sets. It is an ideal area for professionals in the entertainment industry.

Construction began on the project in June 2007, and there are still several undeveloped areas. There are three sound studios and a workshop for prop production that covers an area of 12,077 sq. m (130,000 sq. ft). It is possible to purchase a site in the area to build a private film or recording studio. Prospective buyers can also choose to buy a freelance office in a business centre. Studio City has one 15-storey building and four six-storey buildings that house commercial real estate.


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